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Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiring Quotes


A person will never forget two faces in life. One face who helps you when you are in difficult situation and one face that has never helped when you are in difficult situations.
So always have a helping hand

There are two ways in your life. Long way and short way. Long way is very true and short way is just like a short cut. It is very quick in getting your destinations but will not work for whole life

Never hurt your parents,because you are also in the same way after few years. You will also experience that age and the pain that your parents are going through now.

You can wake a sleeping person, but how can you wake the person who is fooling you that he is sleepy.

Don't make anyone waiting for you. They are keeping aside all their appointments and waiting for you.

One who is beautiful by heart is really very beautiful.

Important life lesson, Best lesson in life to learn

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